Back to School

Fountain House affiliated, the College Re- Entry Center helps academically challenged college students that experience mental health challenges.  The 15 week program program offers action plans designed to regain academic skills, restore physical wellness  and re claim social community.  With confidence restored and new skills, the ultimate goal is to enable the student to continue and complete their college studies.

A typical 1880’s brownstone house in midtown New York is the headquarters of the program. The brownstone was given new life with adapted re-use, modifying the building from a residential function to an educational one.

The parlor floor was modernized to become offices and a learning/teaching pace. The lower floor now has a conference room and a multi purpose space for meetings, socializing and yoga mindfulness classes.

The dark Victorian interior was replaced with a light, bright and youthful inviting space. To add character, traditional elements in good condition were retained or restored.  Moody Victorian colors were replaced with bright whites and soft grays and forbidding school room associations were replaced with designer quality furnishings in bright colors and graphic patters to foster a positive youthful environment.